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Welcome to MediCalm UK founded in the heart of Oldham.

MediCalm provides Health & Wellness programs, putting you and your employees first. 

Our mission is to eliminate stress at work with unique mindfulness meditation practices, to give you and your business razor sharp focus, greater tolerance, emotional balance and a harmonised workplace. You and your business are working with qualified professionals who are vetted, insured and have a safe working practice.

Our MediCalm Stress management programs give businesses the awareness and knowledge of how to identify the early signs of stress, with knowledge how to handle this in the workplace, so you can prevent stress from effecting you and your employees.

We will be hosting a range of different business retreats in 2020. This is so you and your employees can leave the workplace and have some ' You Time ' without the office environment, as you learn essential skills for your business with a meditation and stress management course.

Our Business Meditation Program.

MediCalm UK offers a 7 day and a 14 day Phoenix Meditation Program which we teach in your workplace for the 7 or 14 day period. We work the times of our practice in to with your business that work accordingly.
The benefits of meditation are endless such as: Reduced stress & anxiety, teams and individuals more target focused, reduced blood pressure, less sick days, having more of a harmonised workplace and most importantly healthy staff moral 

Stress at work facts state in recent years that the main work factors cited by respondents as causing work-related stress, depression, or anxiety were work load pressures, including tight deadlines, too much responsibility and lack of managerial support



Our unique service treats individuals, small and large groups the skills to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. This takes place in your business from 1hour periods at a time.



• More Engaged Workforce • Few Sick Days at Work • Lowers Blood Pressure • Workplace Harmony • Increased Productivity • Razor Sharp Focus • Better Time Management • Control & Discipline




Business Workshops

All our beautiful retreats are delivered in a tranquil peaceful environment to ensure you are rested and ready for what lies ahead. Our retreats involve meditation and bespoke workshops, teamed with yoga, time for personal and group relaxation and optional long mindful walks in the surrounding countryside. Much like most of the retreats in our line-up, all food is vegetarian or vegan and designed to nourish the body and complement the regime. Our retreats are delivered by experienced MediCalm instructors and have been designed with you in mind. This is the perfect opportunity to switch off guilt-free for an entire, blissful weekend away from the frantic world we live in. Our retreats are suitable for complete beginners or experienced meditators. Our instructors use influences from both eastern and western practices with emphasis on mindfulness.

Overcome Stress – Build Resilience

Our programme runs over 5 days.

We know that the thought of taking a full day out of an already busy schedule for a full-day workshop can add to your stress, so we have broken down our programme into smaller bite-size chunks. Overcoming stress and building resilience is not a one-time activity or something you can learn in a single workshop. We give you time in between workshops to go away and put your learning into practice then report back the next day with your successes, challenges or questions. What we’ll cover Teaching Points Participant Exercises: Getting Started - Workshop 1 Day 1 Brief – Getting Started During this 1 hour 20-minute session, we will focus on how the programme works & amp; what you will need to do to get the best out of it. We will talk about what stress is and how it impacts on our health & performance. We will help you uncover your specific stress triggers, how these impacts you and how you can manage them. Finishing off with a mindfulness meditation to bring awareness to your breath and body



Marcus Farrey the founder and owner of Medicalm, Marcus is a teacher of meditation who brings such an eastern way of teaching to the western world of business, through the art of mindfulness and Meditation. His teachings are from India and he has taught in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Australia as well as the UK. His meditation practise has been taught in businesses in the UK, such as Vitality health insurance for a focus and awareness, Boulting Environmental Services for world mental health day 2019 and more. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Marcus invites Mindfulness & Meditation into the corporate sector. Marcus excels in the field of meditation with tailored classes to boost staff morale and bring workplace harmony into businesses. Marcus teaches small and large business groups. He will slowly guide you through a basic meditation that has proven to detach the stress from your body and reduce anxiety. This helps his groups have razor-sharp focus and lower cortisol levels, thus higher working results for themselves and their careers.

Lisa Birtles - Workshop specialist, Career Coach started her career in logistics as an HR Project Co-ordinator, later moving into HR consulting with two big five firms, KPMG and PWC, before embarking on a career in the pharmaceutical industry and later becoming an independent consultant. With this extensive experience of high-pressure roles and environments, Lisa has learned how to be resilient and thrive in challenging work situations. She now coaches’ others how to stay healthy and actively manage their wellbeing so that they can perform to their best at work and enjoy their life to the full. She has developed a balanced approach to overcoming stress and building resilience and teaches clients how to change their daily habits and build an individual strategy that works for the long term. What sets Lisa apart as a coach & facilitator is her down-to-earth, practical and resourceful approach to problem-solving and she loves helping people set and achieve their personal wellbeing goals. She is known for building strong, trusting partnerships with those whom she works. Her leadership, managerial and professional clients span a wide range of sectors in the UK and internationally including; Pharmaceuticals – Utilities – Construction – Logistics - Social Housing – NHS – Charities – HR & Finance Shared Services - Technology & IT - R&D - Higher Education - Local Government.

Lucy Livesey - Meditation instructor and wellbeing nurse specialist Lucy is a registered mental health nurse and meditation teacher. She has been able to use her own difficulties with anxiety to transform her experience of suffering through the use of meditation and wellbeing strategies. She teaches from the heart and delivers mindfulness sessions to help people feel calmer and to lead more fulfilling lives. It is a role she enjoys very much and she has been able to help many people transform their lives through the delivery of simple but effective techniques. Lucy is kind and compassionate and has been an integral part of the formation of MediCalm. She helped develop the organization with Marcus and is proud to be a part of the wonderful retreats that MediCalm offers. You can expect to meet Lucy should you attend one of our beautiful MediCalm retreats.